Alfredo Zinola


A site-specific performance for children and adults in the private apartment of a family.

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ATO opens the door of an intimate space to an audience that will be leaded trough a protected an intimate journey. Intimate is something personal, not accessible to everybody: like a diary, like a secret, like a password, like an apartment.

A report of the experience:
“A group of twenty persons a bit disoriented in a corner of the entrance of a supermarket in Turin in a late sunny Sunday morning. At one point they start wearing headphones and diligently, and still a bit confused, they get in line behind a nice young man that guides them through Italian families doing their Sunday shopping. The group cross the supermarket car park, through the street and slips into an apartment block. The goal is, on the fifth floor, the apartment of a four persons family of which the “audience” listened to the story through the headphones. The headphones, crossed the threshold, becomes the vehicle that Zinola and Ameri will use to give the instructions for this unusual performance – play game. The apartment becomes a place for exploration and concealment, the subject of a journey of knowledge of the space and of themself. A carefree and very serious diversion, result of a week-long residency of the two artists in this family who has chosen to challenge not only their own very private space, but also their relational dynamics. The two children of the family, also inspirations of this performance, takes part actively to this performance, that however “functions” just if the audience accept also to play and to question letting their “private” -in the same way the family does- is somehow brought to light and even violated.

The curiosity about someone else’s home, which inevitably leads to explore a space before unknown, leaves space for a reflection on ourselves and the way each of us lives their own “intimate”. All that, however, just in the case the audience will agree to relinquish their audience passivity to make themself, on the contrary, as active protagonist of the performance.”

That awkward moment when you’re invited by a performer to spend an intimate hour with (not in) female underwear in a private apartment with another 20 people rummaging through the personal space of a young family. Private/public duality, voyeuristic/performative. Definitely memorable and beautifully executed with the hosting family. Thank you.

To walk among the petals of a flower without breaking them we need to be lead by performers that moves with us in the whole path, facilitating and protecting us instant by instant the miracle of a playful and poetic communication.

Conceived and performed by Alfredo Zinola and Ximena Ameri

A production of the Fondazione T.r.g. Onlus Torino with the support of the project Terre Comuni/Terres Communes Alcotra 2007 – 2013



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