A site-specific performance for children and adults in the private apartment of a family.


ATO opens the door of an inti­mate space to an audi­ence that will be lead­ed trough a pro­tect­ed an inti­mate jour­ney. Intimate is some­thing per­son­al, not acces­si­ble to every­body: like a diary, like a secret, like a pass­word, like an apartment.

A report of the expe­ri­ence:
“A group of twen­ty per­sons a bit dis­ori­ent­ed in a cor­ner of the entrance of a super­mar­ket in Turin in a late sun­ny Sunday morn­ing. At one point they start wear­ing head­phones and dili­gent­ly, and still a bit con­fused, they get in line behind a nice young man that guides them through Italian fam­i­lies doing their Sunday shop­ping. The group cross the super­mar­ket car park, through the street and slips into an apart­ment block. The goal is, on the fifth floor, the apart­ment of a four per­sons fam­i­ly of which the “audi­ence” lis­tened to the sto­ry through the head­phones. The head­phones, crossed the thresh­old, becomes the vehi­cle that Zinola and Ameri will use to give the instruc­tions for this unusu­al per­for­mance – play game. The apart­ment becomes a place for explo­ration and con­ceal­ment, the sub­ject of a jour­ney of knowl­edge of the space and of them­self. A care­free and very seri­ous diver­sion, result of a week-long res­i­den­cy of the two artists in this fam­i­ly who has cho­sen to chal­lenge not only their own very pri­vate space, but also their rela­tion­al dynam­ics. The two chil­dren of the fam­i­ly, also inspi­ra­tions of this per­for­mance, takes part active­ly to this per­for­mance, that how­ev­er “func­tions” just if the audi­ence accept also to play and to ques­tion let­ting their “pri­vate” ‑in the same way the fam­i­ly does- is some­how brought to light and even vio­lat­ed.

The curios­i­ty about some­one else’s home, which inevitably leads to explore a space before unknown, leaves space for a reflec­tion on our­selves and the way each of us lives their own “inti­mate”. All that, how­ev­er, just in the case the audi­ence will agree to relin­quish their audi­ence pas­siv­i­ty to make them­self, on the con­trary, as active pro­tag­o­nist of the performance.”

That awk­ward moment when you’re invit­ed by a per­former to spend an inti­mate hour with (not in) female under­wear in a pri­vate apart­ment with anoth­er 20 peo­ple rum­mag­ing through the per­son­al space of a young fam­i­ly. Private/public dual­i­ty, voyeuristic/performative. Definitely mem­o­rable and beau­ti­ful­ly exe­cut­ed with the host­ing fam­i­ly. Thank you. 

Toni Attard, Director Zjguzajg Festival Malta

To walk among the petals of a flower with­out break­ing them we need to be lead by per­form­ers that moves with us in the whole path, facil­i­tat­ing and pro­tect­ing us instant by instant the mir­a­cle of a play­ful and poet­ic communication. 

E. Praloran, Eolo Journal

Conceived and per­formed by Alfredo Zinola and Ximena Ameri

A pro­duc­tion of the Fondazione T.r.g. Onlus Torino with the sup­port of the project Terre Comuni/Terres Communes Alcotra 2007 – 2013