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A step together into dark blue

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NERO is a dance performance about darkness. When looking at the night sky, with no lights except for the stars, imagination takes form. Darkness doesn’t only mean fear! In the darkness you can transcend your surroundings, the limits of your body, and let your imagination unfold. While entering a black box the young audience is lead by the performers to sit on the floor very close to each other. The light of a street lamp goes away and darkness envelopes everything. The body of the performers and the public are really close and the walls transform into a huge black canvas. Light reflections dance across the room and suddenly the atmosphere that could be scary becomes a space for imagination and play. NERO is a travel for the spectator, a new world to dive into and to let your imagination run free.

We want to stimulate imagination as well as trust and participation until we can join hands and take a step toward the unknown.

It’s a most fascinating netherworld that NERO invites children to dive into. An emotional space constructed by the actors and the children’s imagination.

From and with: Alfredo Zinola & Maxwell McCarthy

Music: Marin Zivkovic

Light: Marek Lamprecht

Dramaturgy: Parwanhe Frei

Photo / Video: Sacha Jennis / Telémachos Alexiou

A production by Alfredo Zinola with: STORMOPKOMST Festival Turnhout (BE), Quartier am Hafen Köln, Z.A.I.K. curated by the MichaelDouglas Kollektiv. In collaboration with: SCHAUBUDE Berlin Theater, Fondazione T.r.g. Onlus Turin (IT) and Think Big! Festival München. NERO was possible thanks to the support of Fonds Darstellende Künste e.V., Kunststiftung NRW and RheinEnergieStiftung Kultur.

Practical Info:

  • 2 persons on tour
  • 2 hour build up
  • No light requirements
  • Age of audience: 2 to 5 years old as well as adults


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