Dance performance in a classroom


“Other World” invites you to dive into the depths of a class­room. In every­day school life, a class­room is a prac­ti­cal­ly arranged place. All the things, bags, desks, pens, and books are used “zick-zack”: quick­ly and with a pre­cise func­tion. What would it be like if we paused for a moment and watched things close­ly – all the things in the room that we are so famil­iar with? 

It might be the chance to see things under a dif­fer­ent light, notic­ing what hap­pens in a class­room when kids are out of school. To do this we first have to stop, dis­tance our­selves, sit on the edge of the room and observe from a dif­fer­ent per­spec­tive. Just in that very moment we might be able to notice the traces of the camp­fire that the chairs orga­nized last night…

“Other World” is a dance per­for­mance specif­i­cal­ly con­ceived to take place in a class­room, an aes­thet­ic expe­ri­ence for ele­men­tary school chil­dren that will change their per­spec­tive of the famil­iar surroundings.

by: Alfredo Zinola
with: Anne-Hélène Kotoujansky and Alfredo Zinola
music: Antonio d. Luca
light: Marek Lamprecht
cre­ative pro­duc­er: Micaela Kühn Jara
thanks to: Abigail Conway, Andrea Richter, Heidrun Brandt and the 1.C of the Grundschule am Mariahilfplatz in München, Selina Poetters and the Eisbärenklasse of the Christophorus Grundschule in Düsseldorf, Sandra Bergesio, Simonetta Bogliotti and the I.C.C. Cavallermaggiore.

A pro­duc­tion of Alfredo Zinola with tanzhaus nrw and Stamsund Teaterfestival Norway.

Supported by: Ministerium für Kultur und Wissenschaft des Landes NRW, NRW Landesbüro Freie Darstellende Künste and Kulturreferat der Landeshauptstadt München.

Practical Info:

  • 2 per­sons on tour
  • specif­i­cal­ly made for a school classroom
  • for one class at the time
  • 3 hours setup
  • no tech­ni­cal equip­ment required
  • audi­ence age: 6 – 10 years old